Are Your Home and Roof Ready
to Survive the Next Hurricane?

Did you know that it’s a Florida state law for all residential and commercial property owners to schedule wind mitigation services every five years? Florida homeowner's primary roofing concern should be wind damage caused by hurricanes. Damages can include include wind and water intrusion, resulting mildew, and serious roofing issues. Make sure your roof is in compliance with state codes with help from the professionals at Sunshine Roofing of West Palm Beach, Florida.

You can count on us to get roof retrofitting done right!

Roof retrofitting is a great way to upgrade your existing roof and protect one of your biggest assets from hurricane and wind damage. The Florida Department of Finance states that 15%-70% of your insurance premium could go towards wind-damage risk. With our help, you can protect your largest asset and save up to $5,000 on roofing insurance each year! Get ahead of the hurricane and rely on the Sunshine Roofing team to:

  • Keep your roof up-to-date with state regulations
  • Perform a wind mitigation inspection
  • Install a sealed water barrier to your roof. Aside from protecting your roof from significant water intrusion, the sealed water barrier will also make your home more energy efficient!
  • Reinforce the structural integrity of your roof. This will help your home resist high-wind forces as 1 strengthened unit. Avoid weak links and large damage areas.

While insurance savings can vary by provider, water barrier improvements can generally include:

✔ Approved shingles 11%
✔ Concrete Roof 82%
✔ Anchors 35%

Call 561-225-7403 to schedule retrofitting services with Sunshine Roofing of West Palm Beach, FL serving the surrounding areas. We’ll gladly give you a free quote!